Trees in the Portland-Vancouver Area

photo: Shasta Lin

Friends of Trees offers this search tool as an educational resource to help people learn about individual street and yard trees in the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Just click on street trees or yard trees and search for a species you'd like to know more about.

Friends of Trees sells many of these species as part of our Neighborhood Trees program. We don't carry all of the listed trees every year, but you may find them planted in your neighborhood.

Two new features have been added to these tree information pages: 1) graphics that allow you to make the tree grow so you can see its size and shape over the next 60 years; and 2) colorful images in the upper right corner of the page to tell you if the tree has showy flowers in spring, bright leaf colors in fall, and whether or not it's valuable to wildlife, provides edible fruit, or is a native of our region.

Visit our online store to sign up for a street or yard tree for your home. Friends of Trees provides assistance with permitting and a wide range of selections based on your planting strip width and the presence or absence of overhead primary power lines. We also provide stakes, planting assistance, mulch, follow-up maintenance checks, and a fun potluck lunch after the planting--all for only $35 to $75!