Terms & Conditions

Our Refund Policy
Friends of Trees will refund your contribution or replace any tree that dies in the first growing season after planting if our arborist determines that the tree was bad nursery stock or died because of improper planting. The refund or replace is the choice of the customer. Trees that are not properly maintained by the homeowner, are vandalized or damaged by act of God will not be refunded/replaced.  Growing season is defined as ending the first day of October after the tree is planted.

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions
The tree recipient is the property owner of the planting address.  The recipient agrees to assure watering and care for these trees, especially during the first two years after they are planted.  The recipient understands the maintenance of the trees is his/her responsibility.

Holes will be dug up to one week prior to the planting date.  The homeowner is solely and completely responsible for covering the open tree hole and is responsible for any injury occurring from persons or animals falling, tripping, walking or running into the hole. FOT suggests using a piece of plywood, a recycle bin, a traffic cone etc to give notice to public of the presence of an open hole,

No refunds or exchanges past the order cut off date for your neighborhood.  In order to receive the tree for a small contribtuion, trees must be planted on planting day in the originally specified location (street or yard.)  Trees not planted on planting day due to homeowner delay (not specifying location, not having stumps removed, etc) can be purchased by the homeowner for the unsubsidized, full price of the tree.

After planting, this tree(s) shall become the property of the property owner or the municipality if planted in the right of way.  Homeowners are responsible for trees planted in the right-of-way adjacent to their property, but are subject to city regulation.

Friends of Trees or its assign retain exclusive ownership of all carbon dioxide offsets resulting from the planting of tree(s) on your property.

It is the sole responsibility of the property owner to properly prune the tree(s).  Friends of Trees retains the right to prune street trees planted as part their programs.

Friends of Trees reserves the right to contact the tree purchaser before and after planting with messages specific to planting and maintaining purchased trees and volunteer activities selected by the tree purchaser.