3 Easy Steps to Plant

You want a new tree and we want to help you plant it

Just sign up and pick the perfect tree. We'll take care of everything else. Like working with the city to get you a permit. And delivering the tree you pick out. Just choose from the list of approved trees and we'll provide and show up on Planting Day to give your tree a new home.

sign up

Step 1. Sign Up

Once you sign up, a city inspector will be assigned to determine what type of trees qualify for your home. After they visit your property, they'll issue a permit and we'll send a confirmation email. While you're waiting, go ahead and browse our trees.

pick out

Step 2. Pick Out

Once your home has been approved, we'll provide a list of trees that qualify for your street or yard. Every tree is affordable - just sign in to find out what one will cost in your neighborhood. And be sure to make your selection before the deadline.

dig in

Step 3. Dig In

We'll deliver your tree, help plant it on your neighborhood planting day and check up on it from time to time to make sure it is thriving. But we'll need your help breaking ground. Roll up your sleeves, get out the shovel, and get ready to dig. Don't worry - there's a role that fits your interests. If you can't help, we'll plant for you.