Tree Advocacy in Portland

photo: Toshio Suzuki

The City's Urban Forestry administers and manages Portland's urban forest, including street trees. To report a tree removal of concern or to apply for a street tree planting, street tree removal, or street tree pruning permit, contact Portland Urban Forestry at 503-823-4489. A city tree inspector will be assigned to your case/request, and you will be able to check on the status.

All public trees (i.e., street trees) in Portland are protected by city code, so be sure to check with Portland Urban Forestry before planting, pruning, or removing a tree between the sidewalk and the street. Also, some private property trees are protected, depending on property zoning and the size of the tree.

To learn more, visit the links below:

You can read a summary of the Portland Citywide Tree Project on Friends of Trees' blog, Growth Rings.