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64% of Friends of Trees volunteers would “definitely” or “more likely” support a business if it provided financial support to Friends of Trees.*


That's really something to think about, particularly considering that we work with 6,000+ volunteers every year!

(*source: 2013 survey of FOT volunteers)

Your support of Friends of Trees delivers a triple bottom line—and then some—because when you sponsor a tree-planting event with us:

  • You reach an engaged, supportive audience.
  • You're helping increase the urban tree canopy and restore sensitive natural areas.
  • You're building community through supporting events that bring together thousands of volunteers.
  • You have access to a turn-key event that is great for employee team-building and volunteer opportunities.
  • You're giving back to your community.

2016-17 Planting Season at a glance

  • 53,641 trees and native shrubs planted
  • 6,000+ community members volunteered
  • 122 separate planting events
  • 17 communities benefitted from plantings

Friends of Trees’ reach

  • 20,000 Treemail (e-newsletter) recipients
  • 13,000 Facebook Likes
  • 8,600 Twitter followers
  • 1,800 Instagram followers

2016-17 planting season just wrapped up! We had 122 events across 6 counties in 2 states; we do this every year and we'd love to include you in our next season! Sponsorship benefits include name exposure to thousands of community members, listing on Friends of Trees' Business Partner web page, tickets to our annual awards event, your logo on tree tags, and listing on the annual planting calendar. Higher-level benefits include the opportunity to provide opening remarks at a tree-planting event, your logo on the tree-planting event calendar, social media exposure, Garry Oak at an event … and more!

Please contact Sam Erman to discuss how we can work together to create a meaningful sponsorship opportunity for all of us.
Sam Erman
Corporate & Business Relations Specialist

We look forward to working with you!

please note: The 2017-18 planting calendar will be similar to the 2016-17 calendar in terms of locations and timing; it will be available in September 2017.

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