How will you invest in our shared future?

Because our nursery buyers are out now purchasing trees for fall planting, your contribution today means more trees this fall. And more trees means cleaner air, a healthier planet, and more opportunities for people to work together to improve the natural world around them.

Friends of Trees supporter Ingrid Brandt started planting trees at age 4. Now that she's in college on the east coast, she continues to plant trees back home in Eugene OR through monthly contribution to Friends of Trees. Ingrid gets it. I get it. And you get it. Trees are a big deal. Please follow Ingrid's lead and make your gift today.

Ingrid Brandt Age 4
Ingrid Brandt, tree planter at age four.
Ingrid Brandt Age 19
Ingrid Brandt, recurring giver at age 19.

Friends of Trees is an exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Contributions to Friends of Trees are therefore tax deductible.