Trees are Cooling

Portland shattered heat records this year. This summer's drought brought 28 days over 90°; 16 days above the historical average. If this dramatic climate change seems overwhelming, we have an elegant solution, trees. Urban street trees slow traffic, provide sidewalk shade, improve air & water quality, and contribute to improved health. Friends of Trees plants trees providing low-cost trees and free trees made available through tree scholarships to those who want to improve their homes and communities by planting a tree.  

 Emily Wagner received a tree scholarship. Emily and her family live in the Russell neighborhood of East Portland. It's a neighborhood with lower than average canopy cover and because of this, the neighborhood her family lives in is warmer than areas with more trees. Emily says she was thrilled to learn she qualified for a free tree, “We love what our trees add to our street. I love driving around our corner and seeing them, knowing that they are benefitting not just my family but all those who live nearby.” 

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