Apple 'Jonagold' Semi-Dwarf
Malus domestica 'Jonagold'
Interesting Flower Provides edible fruit



>6' with power lines, yards

Disease resistant cross of Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Harvest keeps well and varies from mid-September to late October.

Grows best in well drained, moist soil and in full sun.

Good eating and keeping apple. Medium-sized attractive fruit, striped red with high color in spots. Flesh juicy and crisp. flavor refreshing and subacid.

Height: 20'    Width: 20'    Shape: Rounded

Medium-sized, ovate and lightly pubescent underneath.

Five-petalled, pinkish-white flowers.

Large, red-yellow apple with sweet, but tart flesh.

Shiny, gray-brown and scaly.

Jonagold requires two other varieties of apples for pollination. It is a non-pollinator.